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Learn the Secrets to Harnessing the Power of Your Divine Femininity and Becoming Your Most Beautifully Confident Self

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💃🏽 Are you ready for an amazing shift in your life?

Our award-winning photography studio has the secrets that will help you find peace, power, and joy in being confident with yourself at your current stage in life. We've worked with hundreds of women over the years and one common denominator motivated us to start sharing our message...you are worthy right now!  Not when you meet your weight goal, not when you've gotten that new job, and definitely not when (insert whatever's holding you back here)! Yes, you deserve to be celebrated right now and these courses are designed to help you feel that way every day. 

The discovery and embracing of your divine femininity is the key to unlocking self-confidence in every aspect of your life. These short courses will help you understand your inner power and become the best version of yourself through the following areas. You’ll learn how to

  • Discover what makes you feel most confident and beautiful ✅
  • Start practicing self-care rituals for when times arise where it might be hard or difficult ✅
  • Nurture positivity in your life and release negative emotions that you have been holding onto ✅
  • Do something worthwhile every day while also taking great care of your mind and body ✅
  • Set boundaries while being more forgiving towards yourself and others ✅

 ⬇️ Check out our offerings below and please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance.

✨ We are happy to have you, we cannot wait to meet you at your best, and we hope you enjoy this amazing journey with us! ✨ Also, FYI:

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(We're going to keep saying it until you believe it!)

With Love, Elle Rosegold Photography

Lessons in The Fine Art Posing Course:

  1. 1 Introduction

    Objective: This lesson welcomes you to the course.

  2. 2 Lesson 1: Understanding the Style of Renaissance Paintings

    Objective: This lesson will help you learn some history of fine art from Renaissance artists.

  3. 3 Lesson 2: How to Display Your Timeless Portraits

    Objective: This lesson will help you discover ways to showcase the images from your fine art session.

  4. 4 Lesson 3: Selecting the Right Wardrobe and Accessories

    Objective: This lesson will help you decide what to bring for your portrait session.

  5. 5 Lesson 4: Facial Expression

    Objective: This lesson will help you learn facial movements to use for your portrait session.

  6. 6 Lesson 5: Hand Gestures

    Objective: This lesson will help you learn hand gestures to use for your portrait session.

  7. 7 Lesson 6: General Body Posture

    Objective: This lesson will help you learn general body posture to use for your portrait session.

  8. 8 Lesson 7: The Importance of Movement

    Objective: This lesson discusses the need for movement in your portrait session.

  9. 9 Lesson 8: Looking for Inspiration in Your Interests

    Objective: This lesson will help you look for inspiration for your posing in the things you already love.

  10. 10 Lesson 9: Using Pinterest to Find Imagery that Inspires You

    Objective: This lesson will help you learn to use Pinterest as a resource to plan your session.

  11. 11 Conclusion

    Objective: This lesson concludes the course.

  12. 12 Acknowledgement

Lessons in The 10 Day Self-Care Challenge:

About Angelina Melendez

Angelina "Elle" Melendez started photographing out of her home in February 2021 and within a few years has grown her business into an international award-wining luxury studio located in San Antonio, Texas. She especially loves visual storytelling through portraits by giving the full glamour experience to women who have gone through a great deal in their lives as well as to uniformed women and first responders. Elle Rosegold Academy allows Elle to share the powerful messages she's learned about how women should embrace their inner beauty through modeling positive images while challenging society's norms.
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